Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2019
Thursday the 2nd
We put a lot of Sand into a trailer in the morning and then we drove to our construction site. I take the sand with a wheelbarrow from the trailer to the place where we are working. After that I spread the sand on the area. The stones were 5 cm high therefore the sand should be 2 cm higher than the stones. After that, I drove over the sand with a vibrating plate. This vibrating plate would condense the sand. Then I pull off the sand with a lath on the right high (5cm).

After that we put all the earth on the trailer with a wheelbarrow. A colleague drove the earth back to our company and brought us new sand. Then I finished the base garde. We started with the terrace now. We had to pave the half terrace, because we don't had enough stones at this day.

This was the end of the working day.

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