Samstag, 22. September 2018
Goodbye Denmark!
Hello again!
My last week in Denmark is now over and it was really sad to leave. I had such a good time there! On Monday of my last week, in the evening, I went to Aalborg's football stadium to watch a soccer match and have some beer with my bosses from Elmerhoj. I think there is nothing better you can do when you have finished your daily work :) On Tuesday the weather was great and we got to finish some parking places at work. After that we went for a short trip with the long boards (which you can borrow from the sports college we are staying at!) and enjoyed a beer and the sunset near the harbor. On Thursday we were working at a lovely place out in the forest, where some people want to pimp up there summer house. After midday our bosses surprised us with a barbecue with all our colleagues at Elmerhoj. That was very, very nice and we are so happy to got to spend this three weeks at Elmerhoj. But Lea and I had to say goodbye to our colleges, that was less cool and we feel really sad about it. On Friday we got a guided tour through the Agri college in Aalborg, from Finn Slaikjer the man who organized the Erasmus Stuff in Aalborg. It was very interesting.
Starting the Trip home at 12 am we were back home 14 hours later.
Everything was great! Nice greetings Christoph
(Some more pictures will follow soon.)

The very nice stadium in Aalborg:
The very nice stadion in aalborg

I still have some of my lovely Berg beer:
I still have some of my lovely berg bier

A really smart system to move heavy labs :
that is a realy smart system to move heavy labs
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