Mittwoch, 5. September 2018
Tuesday 4th September 2018
Two of us, Louise and me, are staying in Randers with host familys.
Randers is the 6th biggest "town" in Denmark and like an hour car drive away from Aalborg, where the rest of us stays.
One of the greatest tourist attractions there is "Randers Regnskov", a zoological botanical garden.
The lush, green environment there is home to everything from tiny, industrious leaf-cutter ants to the majestic jaguar, whisking you in the blink of an eye from the cool temperatures of northern Europe into a tropical wonderland...
And thats our working place for the next three weeks.
After er were shown around on monday we could finally start working the next day.
Our task was to cut all the greens grown over and through the fence wich isolates the property of Randers Regnskov. It is important for protecting the fence, otherwise the trees would destroy it with their strong growth.
Some of the limbs we cut were given to the goats, pigs and cows and it was a pleasure to see how happy they were nibbling the leaves and the bark.
After a whole day of cutting we were exhausted but happy.
Everyone at Randers Regnskov is very nice and helpful.
For myself i had little troubles with the english language but i am here to improve that and think it will get better within the next three weeks.
I am really looking forward for the next days.

Jakob Wilhelm

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