Mittwoch, 5. September 2018
The first few day at Buus&Co
After three days of work I am getting used to live in this new environment, from Aalborg to Denmark you can see differences to Germany but also many similarities.
Our welcome at Buus&Co on Monday was warmly and we got a tour around the company, so we wouldn't get lost. The company recently moved to a newer and bigger location and so it is hard to navigate for newcomers.
I was put in the maintenance part of the company and so I got to trim hedges, mow lawn and to clear beds of weed.

My colleagues Martin and Morten told me quite a lot about working in Denmark and what places I should visit in my leisure. I am really looking forward to those.
What amazed me most was how different the gardens look in Denmark, but if you look close you can still see the same plants everywhere.
'Lonicera nitida' as ground-cover plants, 'Fagus sylvatica' as hedges and even the same weeds torture the Danish landscapers ('Elymus repens' just grows everywhere).
And no matter if you call it "slåen" or "Schlehdorn" as landscaper we call it 'Prunus spinosa' and so everyone can talk about the same plant.

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