Montag, 11. September 2017
Resume - second week in Denmark
After the first week, where we were very fortunate with the weather, the second week brought some rain. Nevertheless we had a great time thanks to the hospitality of the people here.

During the work, Sonja, Dominik, Dan and I could take part in the last bits of work that had to be done to finish the parking space and the pavement of a newly built supermarket.

Not only at work we had a great time with the people from Buus & Co, but also in the evening we had some nice experiences, when Per Kjær showed us his private garden and Vildmose, a swamp near Kongerslev. On Thursday we got a guided tour through Arhus by Marc, a young foreman at Buus & Co, which was very interesting as well.

On Friday Finn Rasmussen Slaikjer showed us around at Agri College, Aalborg itself, the surounding area and Rold Skov a forest, a Danish national park.

Not only during those partially official occasions we met the Danish people as very nice, open-minded and very nice folks, but also in the party street of Aalborg - Jomfru Ane Gade, where it was as if Aalborg was not only a big city, but also a huge village, where anybody knows anybody.

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