Montag, 27. Juni 2016
Thank you very much!!!- Merci!!! - Mange Tak!!!- Vielen Dank!!!
Hello again,
I wanted to say a huge Thank you to every single one of you, who made this Project happen.
Thank you to our Teachers in Germany for supporting us, for choosing us and for believing in us. :) Dankeschön!
Thank you to Annette and Finn for supporting us as well; for showing us their school and just for this whole experience.
Thank you to my german Company for letting me do that.
Thank you to my danish Company OKNygaard for showing me around, for giving me advice, and just Thank you for everything you did in that time.
Mange Tak!!!
I also want to thank the other students who were there with me, just Thank you!

My Visit in Denmark was over a Month ago. In that time I could reflect everything I experienced.
And I am still very overwhelmed. I learned about new Cultures, Traditions and parts of a new Language.I saw new Landscapes and it was really beautiful. I saw new kinds of doing work.
And that is pretty awesome.
I had alot of fun in that time and I really enjoyed it.
I can also imagine working abroad to some point in my Life and I am planning to go into another Country and work there. I really like the thought of that.
So again Thank you for everything. You´re pretty amazing.

Lots of Love


(Beach in Frederikshavn)

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