Mittwoch, 19. September 2018
Tuesday the 18.09.18
There is one thing Denmark is famous for: it's bicycles. Hardly no one doesn't have a bike. It seems like half of all danish people are riding a bike to work in the morning. In all big cities are bicycle lanes, in every street and there are special traffic regulations to prevent accidents. If you turn left or right you always have to look out for cyclists because they always can drive first. They even have special routes through the land only for bikes that are marked with blue signs with a withe bicycle and a number.
Now that we are in the land of bicycles we thought we definitely have to go on a tour. So we searched for some place we could rent a bike. The secretary of the Sportshøjskole did recommend the donkey bikes a kind of city-bike you can rent for a day or for a week. You can find them all over the city at special stations and unlock them with the 'donkey republic' app. Every bike has a special name so when we got them, our group was expanded by Peter, Miles, Bessi and Elvis.

Unfortunately only the king of Rock 'n roll had working gears so we couldn't complete our trip to Nibe (a beautiful village at the coast). But we drove around the little villages near Aalborg and made a stop by the fjord. It was a short but nevertheless a wonderful trip and we took lots of photos.

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