Donnerstag, 7. September 2017
Discovering one of the most beautiful garden in Denmark

Yesterday was a fantastic day where we could experience the danish hospitality up close.

After work we were invited in the private garden of Per Kjaer who is one of the executives in our exchange company Buus & Co.
He showed us his amazing private garden what you would better call a private park.
Without doubt you can say that Per made his hobby to his profession.
He and his wife put all their heart blood and time into the garden. It is unbelievable how many detais and well created places you can discover in their garden.

After this great guide we made some barbeceau with Per and his family in their lovely garden house.

Also interesting was the trip to the Lille Vildmose, which is a big nature reserve near Aalborg with our private guide Per.
Because of the spagnum it is an important topic, especially for us gardener.

Back at their home they offered us some coffee and danish cake where I have to ask for the recipe.

As a souvenir Per gave us a joung Rhododendron plant.
The cultivation of Rhododendron is his big passion.
We promise to take care about them in their new home country Germany.

Even today I have no words for the hospitality of Per and his family.
That is why my exchange mates Dan, Dominik, Jonas and I want to say thank you for your invitation.
We are really grateful for this wonderful evening.


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