Sonntag, 3. September 2017
Greetings from the Northern end of Central Europa

As our first week in Denmark is allready over, it is time to tell you about our first experiences we got here. As far as I can see, we are all having a great time here. Everything positive, that has been told by our teachers has either come true or was even exceled.

After a long and hard trip to Aalborg by car, we all were very happy, when Finn Rassmussen Slaikjer (the local gardening teacher, who is our contact person here in Aalborg) gave us the key to our appartments and we could finally get some sleep in a warm, cosy bed.

After our first night, we all got up quite early and went out to find our new workplaces, where we all got a nice welcome. We were introduced to our coworkers and got our first work assignments. During the next five days, we all learned a lot about landscape gardening in Denmark, which is not as similar to working in Germany. For example Dan and I found out, how to place concrete plates and pavement on muddy ground with just using different mixtures of sand and pebbles ( - mostly sand), as the basic fundament. We even found out, how a small excavator can disappear in wet ground within seconds - and more importantly, how it can get removed from it again.

Some other experiences and days later, it was allready our first weekend in Denmark and the group from Aalborg decided, it was a good idea to head out for the most northern piece of Central Europe, which is near Skagen. It is called Grenen, where Kattegat and Skagerrak (part of the North Sea) meet. We had a great sunny day here and allready can understand, why the people in Denmark are said to be one of the most happy people in Europe. Now it is late on Sunday and I am looking forward to gain even more great experiences here in Denmark. To be continued...


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